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Patrick's Bio

Patrick, who hails from County Antrim, has trained in a number of the great kitchens in Europe, from Germany and Switzerland to France. His considerable experience allows him to deliver exquisite dishes with a distinctly Irish flavour.

Patrick has worked in Brooks Hotel for the past 17 years and often pops in to the restaurant to say hello to diners. Patrick’s passion for food started in the countryside of his childhood home in County Antrim and has stayed with him to this day in the kitchen at Brooks. As a young child Patrick grew up near orchards and farms and his interest and passion for food was established from a young age.  

 The influence of Patrick’s childhood is what makes his cooking in Brooks Hotel so distinct. Patrick’s menus are carefully crafted and incorporate the freshest seasonal produce available.  Patrick has cultivated an Urban Herb Garden, located at the hotel, growing seasonal fruit such as fresh summer tomatoes and strawberries and a selection of herbs including parsley, oregano and mint. These ingredients are used in many of the hotel’s dishes.

 Another passion of Patrick’s is foraging. He frequently takes the kitchen team to the Wicklow Mountains to source mushrooms, berries and one of Patrick’s favourite ingredients, Elderflower. He uses Elderflower and the Elderberry to create cordials, sorbets, coulis and delicious Elderberry infused vinegar, (the perfect accompaniment to a Summer salad!).

 For Patrick, foraging is a way of life. Patrick’s cooking and inventive nature has been recognised for its quality by food critics in The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and as a member of Good Food Ireland. The restaurant is renowned for its approach to providing excellent home cooked food using the best ingredients.  If you are dining at Brooks Hotel and you would like to delve deeper into the origins of the ingredients of your dish, Patrick will always be more than happy to enlighten you personally.