Francesca's Restaurant Accolades and Reviews

Francesca's Restaurant 

At Brooks Hotel, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dining experience to our guests. We have achieved recognition for our efforts from several notable food authorities. 



Good Food Ireland

We are proud to be a member of Good Food Ireland. Good Food Ireland was established in 2006 by Margaret Jeffares, to promote Irish food-tourism. The organisation currently has over 600 approved providers comprised of some of Ireland’s top restaurants and cafes, culinary accommodation, food shops, pubs and bars, cookery schools and food producers.  All members are independently inspected and must be approved in order to be recognised by Good Food Ireland. Read more about the Good Food Ireland Organisation by clicking HERE



Our Reviews:


'Mr McLarnon is a chef who cares and, as such, he is in the perfect place to showcase his cooking. Why so? Simply because everyone who works in Brooks Hotel cares – cares to do their best; cares to be on top of their game; cares to make certain that the customer has everything they need when they stay at what is, for us, the very best hotel in Dublin.' 


- John & Sally McKenna, Mc Kennas Guide




' A hint that Brooks might have an edge was when recent celebrity guest Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had a tour of the kitchen and a demo of how to turf-smoke a lamb steak. They gave him a souvenir sod of turf so he could try it at home. Patrick McLarnon has been the chef in Brooks for 15 years. He's a blogger (, forager and gardener.


- Catherine Cleary - The Irish Times 



' For the main course I had the pan-fried Dublin Bay prawns with colcannon and an Irish whiskey cream sauce. The sauce made for a velvety and necessary accompaniment. Slivers of crispy bacon added a salty underpinning yet were elegantly placed so the 'bacon and cabbage' antecedent stepped out in style. My companion had the pork belly which was a magic dish of contrasting crispiness, sweer fat and rich flesh. Superb. 


- Ross Golden-Bannon - The Sunday Business Post 



'The measured service at Brooks is luxe, not lax. Staff are highly trained, lending a Continental feel of being looked after. We could use more of it in Dublin. Everything was laid gently on our table, with a smile. The food is simple, but something to write home about'


- Lorna Keating, I Love Saturday


'You can also have a delightful, mouthwatering meal at Francesca’s restaurant in Brooks Hotel. Don’t miss their freshly poached chicken with tender mushrooms, that have a hint of sweetness, steeped in a rich, heavenly cream sauce. The head chef here is a keen forager and offers meals made with indigenous and wild ingredients through the seasons'


- Nicola Monteath, BBC Good Food Middle East



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