Brooks Hotel Environmental Policy

Our team at Brooks Hotel is passionate about ensuring we are environmentally responsible. We are working on all areas of the hotel to reduce waste, reuse items where possible and to encourage recycling. We aim to monitor and record our environmental impact on a regular basis to improve our efforts and meet our targets. 



Our Achievements to Date

We are proud of our environmental achievements to date which include;

• We are reducing our landfill waste through “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” initiatives within the hotel.

• Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs are being used throughout the hotel.  

• Our Team is being trained regularly on Environmental Friendly Policies and educational material is readily available for them. 

• We have switched to re-usable bowls and pots in our Food & Beverage Departments and are not using single use plastics.

• Straws, Stirrers, Takeaway Cups & Lids are fully biodegradable.

• Emailing is the preferred method of communication at Brooks Hotel. The aim is to use as little paper as possible. All emails include an Environmental Protection note in the signature asking recipients to only print what is absolutely necessary. 

• Brooks Hotel has been awarded the Eco-Label by the

• Brooks Hotel has made an impact in the community and continues to support local charities and gets involved in tree planting exercises, beach cleans and awareness campaigns.


Our Goals

We are dedicated to increasing our eco-friendly efforts within the hotel. By December 2024 we aim to:

• Maintain the Eco-Label awarded by

• To reduce our landfill waste by a further 5%.

• To reduce our Energy Consumption by a further 3%.

• To increase the number of local producers we source from

• To continue the activity in our Community and participate in further Tree Planting and Beach Clean-up operations.


Our Restaurant

Our kitchen staff in Francesca’s, a member of Good Food Ireland, is proudly working on the following initiatives:

• We have an urban herb garden in the hotel and we use this to source fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs such as lemon balm, mint, tomatoes and coriander.

• Lead by our Head Chef Pat McLarnon, our team forages for wild food regularly. Some of the self-foraged items on our menu include Mushrooms, Elderflower, Cherry Blossoms & Wild Garlic. 

• Our ingredients are sourced from local producers where possible.

• We make all of our own jams, breads, cookies and scones.

• Our breakfast buffet is designed to incorporate eco-friendly containers. We do not use individual pots in order to avoid packaging waste.

• We try to ensure our suppliers are maintaining a high standard of environmental awareness in their production.

• We analyse each purchase order to ensure that only necessary supplies are purchased to reduce waste.


Our Offices

We are making a conscious effort to reduce waste in our busy offices. We have taken the following steps to reduce our environmental impact:

• We use eco-friendly paper.

• We use pencils where possible.

• We encourage guests and staff to only print when necessary.

• We segregate our recyclable and general waste in each office.

• We recycle used paper.


Our Rooms

We are working with our accommodation team to improve our room’s eco friendliness by the following means:

• ‘Vingcard’ systems are used throughout the hotel bedrooms and public areas meaning that when a guest leaves the room, the lights and any power outlets switch off automatically.

• We have implemented a ‘Longer Stay Linen Programme’ where we ask guests for their permission not to change their linen daily. 

• Guests are encouraged to reuse towels to reduce laundry loads.

• We use phosphate free cleaning supplies.

• Our laundry team only use washing machines and dryers when they are full to avoid multiple cycles, which can waste energy and water.

• Recycling Training is provided to all Accommodation Staff regularly to ensure that we recycle as much as possible.


Our Location

We are located in the heart of Dublin’s City Centre and are close to all of the major transport links. We have information on all public transport available for guests at our reception desk:

• The nearest bus routes are just 5 minutes away.

• There are two Dublin Bike stations within a 2 minute walk of the hotel.

• Tara Street Train Station is just an 11 minute walk from the hotel.

• The nearest Luas line is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

• We encourage our reception team to educate guests about the Dublin Bikes Scheme and walking tours and routes.

• We try to encourage our guests to shop in the local boutiques on Drury Street and to frequent smaller, individually owned shops.


Our Team

We are working with our team to educate them on their role in reducing waste and partaking, as well as instilling an always growing consciousness of the importance of the environment thorough activities and training programs.  

• We promote a reduce, reuse and recycle policy.

• Encourage staff to take public transport to work.

• Ask team members to reduce water use, turn off lights and be conscious of their activities.

• We try to encourage staff to reduce the use of chemicals where possible.


Our Charity Work

We are dedicated to supporting local charities in Dublin City. Brooks partners up with a charity each year and supports them through shared activities, publicity and donations. Past Charities included Pieta House, The Simon Community, The Alzheimer Society and Barretstown. 



Take the Aircoach operates 24 hours a day from the airport to Trinity College, our closest stop, which is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Adult return tickets can be purchased online or directly on the bus for €12 return or €7 single.


We always welcome comments & suggestions on how to improve our environmental efforts further. Guests are welcome to communicate any ideas through our comment cards, or by emailing